Have you ever wondered, after finding an exciting paper, whether those authors are actually continuing on that line of research or if it was a single instance of some side project?! I do all the time... That is why I created this page, to clarify all the projects I have been involved in and where exactly is my PhD located.

If you are just looking for a quick summary of my research or you need my voluntary contribution as a reviewer, here are a couple of keywords summarizing the focus of my current research.

Keywords: human-robot interaction; social robotics; user studies; group interaction; teamwork; collaboration; robotic teammates; human-robot trust


For The Record




The way I usually bring clarity to my mind is by drawing schemes. I think this one clears things up pretty well. An important aspect that I tried to emphasise is the fact that my research contributions go beyond the PhD itself and they include a bunch of other side projects and extra collaborations. I believe this says a lot about me and the way I like to work. Keep reading if you want to know more about these projects.


My PhD aims at contributing to the scope of literature in mixed groups of humans and robots (i.e. groups with more than one person and/or more than one robot), by exploring collaborative settings where both humans and robots form a team to accomplish a common goal.

Why is it novel?

Its novelty lies in the fact that most literature on teamwork is focused on dyadic collaborations and, therefore, the exploration of teamwork and collaboration within small groups of humans and robots is still scarce.

Research Problem

How can we endow a social robot with the ability to improve the cohesive alliance in a team setting with humans?

Social Robotics Course (SRHRI)

During the past years, I have been TAing with Ana Paiva on the course Social Robots and Human-Robot Interaction (SRHRI). It is a really nice course with an ambitious syllabus where every group has to run a user study. Sometimes, the results are so good and the students so committed that Ana and I incentivize the students to pursue a scientific publication.