For The Record - The collective risk dilemma

Similarly to the previous one, "For the Record" was also another scenario used in several user studies that allowed us to explore many different research questions. In other words, it does not constitute a research project, but more of a set of works. If I had to fit it into a project or a broader vision, it would be the Prosocial Computing -- check out Ana Paiva's Blue Sky ideas paper that won an award!

The game rules and dynamics were thought by Samuel Mascarenhas and brought into the digital screen by Samuel Gomes that developed the game engine and designed the graphics for the interface [code here]. You can actually play the game here!

In the scope of my PhD, I have used this game to explore teams of 2 robots and 1 person and how do people perceive the teammates that employ selfish or prosocial actions. Additionally, several collaborations were made due to the nature of this game. One with Fernando P. Santos and Francisco C. Santos exploring the game theoretical part of this collective risk dilemma. Another with Silvia Tulli to analyse transparent strategies. Finally, For The Record was also used by one group of the Social Robotics course, where they have looked into criticism behaviours employed by robotic teammates.